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Once accessible only to sages, religious teachers and spiritual masters, the Records are now available to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

To access your own records, you can embark on your own studies through reading (see our list of books here), have a reading by someone who has trained in accessing the records (you can book a reading right on this page), or come to a class and practice accessing the Akashic Records as part of a group (see when the next class is available in your area).

General Akashic Readings cover many areas including health, career, family, relationships, spirituality and finance.  You don’t need to have a complex issue or problem to have a reading, maybe you just want some answers to some basic questions.

The records can be opened to assist your creativity, and connect with your brilliance. Often people use the records to write poems, music and books.  Others draw, paint and dance or receive their inspiration and guidance from the records as a source for their creation.

All readings are 1 hour in length - $175 August Special

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Past Lives

Within the Akashic Records, there are The Lords, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.  

The Lords of the Akashic Records are Light Beings who work at a universal level and are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Records.  They also decide who may access the records and what information will be accessed during a reading, they then pass this information onto your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.  You will work with your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones to cultivate a rich relationship with the Records and ultimately learn to unleash your highest potential.  

The Masters are a group of Light Beings who work with you at a soul level.  Your particular masters are with you from your soul’s inception and are responsible for your growth and development.  

The Teachers of the Records may or may not have been in physical bodies before and are lesson specific to you.  Once you have learnt a particular lesson, (which can take many lifetimes) the teacher will move on to work with other souls.  

The Loved Ones are people who you knew in this lifetime who are now deceased.  They are there to offer support and to serve you and may not always be identifiable as individuals.  This is so you don’t come to rely on them.  The Loved Ones may reveal themselves during a reading if they feel you will benefit from knowing they are around to support you.

Ancestral Readings

Clients must be 18 years old and over to have an Akashic Reading.  This is because having an Akashic Reading requires the individual to take responsibility for their own actions.  A person is considered an Adult once they have turned 18 and therefore mature enough to make their own decisions.

The Akashic Records help us to bring our past, present and future into our current life.  We can look at why we have addictive patterns, why we choose the relationships we do, why we have created our habitual responses, and how to create action in our lives instead of reaction.


  • Since Jo began my Akashic reading I have become more aware of the areas I struggle with, my records were opened in a relaxed, comfortable and safe setting with the utmost respect.

    Jo is a professional practitioner that has a deep connection with her work and also her client. I was amazed with my reading and also taken back with the content that was revealed. Although this is just the beginning for me, since leaving our first session I have let go with ease some of the areas I have struggled with for many years.

    I truly recommend this process for anyone that has inner conflict, past and present struggles.

    With great thanks to Jo.

    Director of Care

  • I have known Jo for many years and felt that she might know me ‘too well’ to conduct a proper reading. However, Jo’s insights were surprisingly fresh and spontaneous and I could distinguish a much deeper clarity and perception when she responded to the several questions I had prepared.

    One of my questions related to the sometimes difficult relationship I have with my mother. Quite un-expectantly, Jo was able to vividly identify a past life mother-daughter relationship between my current mother and myself. Jo was as surprised as I was when she not only visualised the circumstances but experienced the intensity of my emotions and sudden physical pain of my death in that particular life time.

    This was no doubt an interesting highlight of my reading but above all I was captivated by Jo’s wisdom, compassion and authenticity. I am satisfied that the information that Jo shared with me was definitely coming from a higher source!

    Self-employed - Marketing/Sales

  • Jo, having had a few readings by you, I must say, you are incredibly in-tune with the Akasha and I have had numerous jaw dropping moments during your readings when you have given me information. I recommend you to anyone looking to gain some clarity and insight into their soul journey!


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