Book a Reading

Praying With the Animals

By Kelly Maroon

Going into the Akashic Records with animal companions that will help you realize your soul’s true purpose and bring you closer to it.

The Akashic Records are all encompassing. They are records of all the life forms and energy forces here on Earth and everywhere, from the beginning of time.

This is not a typical Akashic Records book. It is a step forward, as it details the animal beings and their ability to heighten our awareness in the Akashic Records and in life.

This book is composed of prayers that one says with the animals to gain a closer connection to our self, spirit, origin, and path during this lifetime, and to protect ourselves from deviating from that path. Of course, the animals will not physically be with you in most cases, but, by calling upon them, they will sit with you in spirit.

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