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Dance In The Fire Of Life: Women who walk through the fire of life leave sparks of light wherever they go, illuminating the path for the future generation of women to come.

By Vicki Gotsis Ceraso + 26 others including Jo Fuller

I was so excited when Vicki Gotsis Ceraso asked me to be part of the Dance in the Fire of Life Co-Author Project.This Project was a 5 year dream of Vicki’s and now it has manifested into a wonderful beautiful book.

Dance in the Fire of Life is a Book about Stories. 26 Women, Co-Authors from all over the world have written their life stories for this Book. Some of these incredible, raw and deeply intimate stories may resonate with you, trigger you and even make you cry.

I thought I would write about my life experiences and the Akashic Records work I do…easy no problems. What I didn’t expect was the memories, some good, some bad and the internal dialogue I would have with myself and the Healing that I experienced while I was writing my Chapter.
I have come to the realisation that my Childhood Trauma was always part of the bigger plan for me, my Life’s Pathway. It was meant to be. I feel a divine presence at work and purpose to all that we do. I finally know that my Life’s Purpose is to be an Akashic Teacher, End of Life Doula and Animal Chaplin which is truly extraordinary. I feel incredibly humbled to be offered this wonderful opportunity to be of service to those in need, those who are dying and to support their loved ones in this often-difficult time.
What People Are Saying about my Chapter…”We Never Walk Alone”….
I would recommend this story to others, it demonstrates that even in the darkest of moments of depression there is hope...Childhood sexual abuse and being raised with domestic violence are terribly traumatising events which can leave lifelong consequences...What is uplifting is that Jo was able to crawl her way out of a dark place and find the light she has been searching for. Debbie Clarke, Australia
I felt the introduction was very impactful without being “graphically unacceptable” and the ending very graceful and soft...I found the story very easy to read and follow. The flow of it was excellent. Jo has shown the raw emotions she experienced to portray to the reader who may have experienced the same or going through it...all the emotions that Jo has written about will be a great help to others out there who are going through the same. Michele Cali, Australia
I liked very much the honesty about the story and the courage that Jo is telling the deepest part of her life story... we are not victims... we can take our lives into our own hands and trust our intuition. I love the title “you Never walk alone “. The closing paragraph gives a lot of hope and a feeling of hope which really touches me. Petra Brumann, Germany


Dance in the Fire of Life is available in Paperback and Kindle or you can fill in the Book Order Form and Jo will post the book to you.

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