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Certified Akashic Records Practitioner Class

Learn How to Access the Akashic Records of Other People through the Akashic Access Prayer©

This Akashic Records Practitioner Certification is a 48 Hr (6 Day) Certified Class taught through Akashic Studies Australia based in Adelaide, Australia.

The Class will be offered in 2020. This is a Teacher Led Class (Face to Face) One Day (8 Hrs) and an additional 40 Hours Online Study. This Class has been designed to develop your already existing Akashic Records Skillset from the Beginner’s Class. You will become a confident and experienced Akashic Records Practitioner and be able to offer Akashic Record Soul Readings to Others.

Upon successful completion you will be awarded an Akashic Records Practitioner Certificate which may be used towards further study in the Advanced Practitioner Class.

You will Learn:

  • Overview of What are the Akashic Records?
  • Why you want to be an Akashic Practitioner?
  • How to Deepen your Connection to the Akashic Records.
  • What are the Akashic Guidelines when working as a Practitioner.
  • How to Formulate and Ask the Right Questions.
  • How to Develop your listening skills?
  • What to Expect when you Open another Person’s Akashic Records.
  • How to Open the Akashic Records of Other People.
  • Past Lives, Ancestral Patterns, Healing and Energy Work with the Akashic Records for Others.
  • Integrating Akashic Records and other Basic Healing Modalities.
  • How to set up your Akashic Business.
  • How to Market your Akashic Business.
  • Have fun learning all about this amazing infinite resource and how beneficial it can be to the Lives of others..

You will gain confidence and understanding about using the Akashic Records. We will practice, practice and practice opening the Akashic Records of Others within the Class environment.

Participants must be 18 years old.


Successful Completion of the Akashic Records Beginner’s Class.

The Practitioner’s Class Workbook will be sent to you via an Email Link once you have paid for your Class. Please read through the Workbook before our One Day together. After successful Completion of the One Day Face to Face Training you will be sent a Password to Login to the Student Page for the 40 Hr Online Training component.

Also Included -

  • Ongoing support via a Student Facebook Group.
  • Access to online Resources.
  • Weekly ZOOM Meetups with Jo and other Student Practitioners. Includes Tea/Coffee/ Morning and Afternoon Tea. Please bring your own Lunch.

Classes are limited to 24 people to ensure a high level of Teacher and Student interaction.

Cost $550.

You can pay in full now, or secure your place through a Non-Refundable deposit of $100.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me via email

  • Participants Reviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • A huge thank you to Jo as well as the divine group we had for your akashic studies course last weekend. I have absolutely enjoyed delving into the akash both morning and night since and WOW...the insights are amazing. My dreams have also been incredible since. As you know, I attended with zero expectations and in this respect, the outcomes have been mind blowing. I've also found a super keen interest in delving into our history whilst having the records open. Sumerian, Egyptian, Buddhist...I can't seem to get enough at the moment and am enjoying the ride. I look forward to your next course and cannot recommend you or thank you enough! Your passion, honesty and enthusiasm is simply divine.

    To anyone toying with doing this course, please jump in head first...I was blessed to witness so much love, compassion, releasing, growth throughout the group. Jo creates such a sacred and nurturing space to allow you to delve into the records and to really learn more about yourself. Thanks again Jo!


    Lee Poulson

  • The reading I had was very enlightening and enjoyable. Jo has a very calming presence and made me feel completely relaxed about the experience I was about to undertake. Jo had prepped me to develop a set of questions prior to the reading and every question I had were answered for me.

    The result for me was a greater understanding of my purpose in this lifetime and a sense of peace regarding the recent passing of my father. There have been many times since the reading that I refer back to what I learnt and have a deeper understanding as to why I react and respond to certain situations and people. It has allowed me to become more aware and modify my thinking from time to time.

    I highly recommend anyone interested in understanding more about 'self' and the greater purpose of your own journey, to trust the process.

    Amanda Patterson
    Group General Manager

  • Since Jo began my Akashic reading I have become more aware of the areas I struggle with, my records were opened in a relaxed, comfortable and safe setting with the utmost respect.

    Jo is a professional practitioner that has a deep connection with her work and also her client. I was amazed with my reading and also taken back with the content that was revealed. Although this is just the beginning for me, since leaving our first session I have let go with ease some of the areas I have struggled with for many years.

    I truly recommend this process for anyone that has inner conflict, past and present struggles.

    With great thanks to Jo.

    Director of Care

  • I have known Jo for many years and felt that she might know me ‘too well’ to conduct a proper reading. However, Jo’s insights were surprisingly fresh and spontaneous and I could distinguish a much deeper clarity and perception when she responded to the several questions I had prepared.

    One of my questions related to the sometimes difficult relationship I have with my mother. Quite un-expectantly, Jo was able to vividly identify a past life mother-daughter relationship between my current mother and myself. Jo was as surprised as I was when she not only visualised the circumstances but experienced the intensity of my emotions and sudden physical pain of my death in that particular life time.

    This was no doubt an interesting highlight of my reading but above all I was captivated by Jo’s wisdom, compassion and authenticity. I am satisfied that the information that Jo shared with me was definitely coming from a higher source!

    Self-employed - Marketing/Sales

  • Jo, having had a few readings by you, I must say, you are incredibly in-tune with the Akasha and I have had numerous jaw dropping moments during your readings when you have given me information. I recommend you to anyone looking to gain some clarity and insight into their soul journey!